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Facebook Becomes Meta

17/12/2021 DS-Team

Facebook recently announced their vision of tomorrows workplace, and the changes they are planning will make those webcam meetings we’ve grown accustomed to completely obsolete.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the global Social Media juggernaut Facebook, who also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, announced in late October the emergence of a new corporate identity called Meta. The impetus -behind the rebranding heralds a shift towards making Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) commonplace in the business world.

We’ve seen how virtual team meetings have transformed how we collaborate while working from home – practices that were par-for-course for remote workers or in the gig economy in recent history, have now become ubiquitous to the point where ‘face to face’ meetings seem like a novelty.

Zuckerberg’s vison of melding Social Media and AR/VR into a 3 dimensional virtual office certainly piques the imagination of futurists and business technologists, but also indicates the desire for Facebook (Meta) to compete with other IT giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The missing link underpinning the new strategic direction is the need for a technology platform to compete with Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Mac OS/IOS and Microsoft’s Windows. With an annual revenue of over 110 Billion USD (2021) to fund the new initiative, Meta has the potential to cause some headaches for the big players, providing their execution is sound.

Facebook has come under a great degree of scrutiny and criticism over the past few years and many experts are highlighting the lack of any significant changes during the recent launch, except to say that Meta will allow for a new approach to address such issues; for many businesses Social Media is seen as an essential communication tool, yet firms are also concerned about privacy and security just as much as citizens and governments are.

As you can imagine at Signature Software, ‘water cooler’ discussions frequently address issues of this nature, and how changes in technology can become a catalyst for change, as well as a competitive advantage for our clients. While we indulge in a little ‘blue skying’, we mainly focus on collaborating with local and national customers to deliver technology solutions through existing and emerging software, business intelligence tools as well as our full-service digital services suite.

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