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In 2020, we built more eCommerce sites in a single year than ever before. Our clients have started to embrace the concept and in turn, their clients are doing the same. Should you?

The year 2020 saw the world go through many challenges, bought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns for extended periods of time. A byproduct of this, was many businesses looking to the digital landscape for a solution.

According to Oberlo, the eCommerce industry saw 4 to 5 years’ worth of growth, in a single year.

With more people looking online to purchase, and more importantly, feeling comfortable with the online shopping experience, now is a great time to get online as well or risk being left behind.


Our preferred eCommerce solution is to use WordPress, with the popular WooCommerce plugin to run the store. WooCommerce has an incredible amount of functionality built in as standard and can be modified to suit all business needs with a wide variety of custom plug ins readily available.

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce has more than 29% of the market share in the e-commerce industry and that makes it the most extensively used e-commerce platforms on the planet. There are many reasons why WooCommerce has gained such an immense popularity.

  • Suitable for all business types
  • List unlimited products and product photos across as many categories as you need
  • In-Built payment options
  • Add a single product with many variations (size, colour etc)
  • Large library of extensions for additional functionality specific to your needs
  • Extensive theme options on how it can look
  • Search engine optimisation advantages
  • Ordering for clients is easy, as is managing orders for merchants
  • Set your own delivery options


One of our existing clients, Routley’s Bakery in Victoria, were the first to jump on the online experience bandwagon after noticing the drop in walk in sales to their stores. Their eCommerce platform uses WordPress with WooCommerce and has been a huge success from day one. You can read more about it here in our blog.


As solutions vary from business to business, it is best to give us a call to discuss your ideas and see how we can work with you to provide a fantastic online result for your business.

eCommerce Solutions

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