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24 Hour Office

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With Signature Software's Customer invoice and statement reprint function, clients can reprint their documents when they need them 24/7, saving you valuable administration time and speeding up the payment cycle. Customers who have misplaced their copy, or simply wish to check the invoices can login and view old and new invoices, selecting which ones to reissue.

Automate & Accept your customer Orders 24/7

As part of our 24 Hour office solution, our Online Ordering Portal allows for secure business to business (B2B) transactions (& B2C coming soon), integrates with your ICE system, is easy to use, cost effective, and enables you to run your online business more efficiently.

Based on the shopping cart model, Online Ordering is easily tailored to your specific business processes. A customer can browse your product catalogue; add items to their basket, submit orders, add services; these are then directly updated into your ICE inventory management system and ready for invoicing, packing, and delivery from your warehouse.

Unlike other ecommerce products, information is linked between Online Ordering and your ICE system; you have the latest up-to-date information available for both your customers and you. As the information comes direct from the customer both communication and accuracy is improved removing the need to re-key information.

Customer Advantages and Benefits

  • 24/7 access
  • View stock and product order history
  • Easy to use
  • Track progress of orders and receive automatic email updates, such as order confirmation
  • Reduced procurement costs
  • Relevant marketing and personalisation

Business Advantages & Benefits

  • Corporate identity and brand control
  • Lock in customers who might otherwise shop elsewhere
  • Controlled product listings (eg. The removal of expired products)
  • One solution to service many customers
  • Greater customer retention and repeat business revenues
  • Automatically capture and qualify order details
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduced order processing costs and errors
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Management reporting
  • Simplified order entry for internal staff
  • Tender price management

Accept Support & Service Requests 24/7

As part of our 24 Hour office solution, Support Ticketing is a multipurpose system created to record customer requests, the activities, time and closure of tickets.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, phone calls, travel time (to and from the office) and communication delays. Service customers’ faster, close calls faster and, if it’s a billable call, have the invoice sent out faster.

Signature Software’s Support Ticketing system also allows your clients to log-in and monitor their own service tickets, even when your office is closed.

Business Advantages & Benefits

  • Maximise field service productivity – Create, view and update new service tickets, all from the 24 HO Ticketing System.
  • Receive a real-time view of your progress.
  • Displays the number of Active, Unallocated and Open Tickets.
  • View the Change Log which will display all activities made to the tickets.
  • Follow up task creation.
  • Report on the Aged Queue of Tickets.
  • Record Technicians Non Service Hours, allowing visibility of leave, training, etc.


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