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Business Intelligence Tools

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Make Better Decisions with Business Reporting with Microsoft Power BI.

Signature Software recognises the value of getting your data in the way you need it, when you need it! Our specialist staff are working with renowned data mining, business intelligence and business analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI to turn data into powerful insights for your business.

  • Add in-depth Reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities to ICE
  • More visibility of vital business metrics.
  • Measure KPIs, track usage, identify sales opportunities.
  • Explore your data in ways you always wanted.
  • Standard reporting suite covering financials, connections, meter analysis, and more.
  • Data refreshed regularly throughout the day.
  • Consulting available to tailor your reports and provide training so you can do it yourself.
  • Simple and easy to install, easy to view at your desk and on the go.
  • Low monthly subscription cost.
  • Combine data from ICE with other sources (Excel workbooks, APIs, Salesforce, even Facebook!).
  • Compare data across multiple financial entities in one dashboard.
  • Mentoring and training for your own staff to keep building reports and dashboards.
Business Intelligence Tools

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