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Streamlining core business systems and industry specific processes are important business considerations that can determine whether a business thrives...or not. At the enterprise level of business there are many systems available to integrate and streamline business management systems. Unfortunately, for all but the largest companies, getting your business systems to automatically "speak" to each other is a difficult and excessively expensive exercise. That was until .... the ICE Integrated Business Solutions were developed.

ICE Integrated Business System

The ICE Integrated Business System is a suite of fully integrated business applications, with optional processing modules that provide specific functionality for businesses in the telecommunications, office equipment and other retail and service industries.

The key benefit of the software includes the tracking and reporting of ongoing revenue and services that are crucial to these business operations.


TicketPoint is a browser based solution that is used for the logging of tickets but can allow for auto creation via email parser. It is for internal use only but there is also a contractor option where subcontractors can see the jobs assigned to them.

Each ticket can assign resources, attachments of files, fully integrated with Outlook calendar, record time (both billable & non billable), integrates with email parser so that all correspondence with client is visible in the ticket, sign off process and is fully integrated with ICE.

24Hour Office

24 Hour Office is a web enabled interface to your ICE database, enabling us to offer additional features with ICE such as our ServicePoint, TicketPoint, CRM, MSA, Stock on Hand, Fixed Connections modules.

Mobile Stocktaking App

Our Mobile Stocktaking App is an innovative solution that eliminates the time delay faced with a manual stocktake. As part of our 24 Hour Office solution, MSA provides live (real-time) updates between your smart device and ICE database, eliminating the need for printed count sheets.

One of the most time saving aspects of MSA is that it eliminates the need to key in serial numbers and key counts – delivering considerable cost savings to any business having to perform regular and extensive stocktakes. MSA enables users to count serialised and non-serialised inventory using an Android smart device. After scanning is completed, reconciliation of the stock is as simple as completing the stocktake on the device and information is immediately updated in ICE.


Especially designed for, and in conjunction with our print dealers to provide considerable time and cost savings. In essence, MeterPoint processes the printer click counts received by email directly from the device into a file that is easily imported into Signature’s enterprise ICE product.

Currently, a typical business manually enters large volumes of email data received from their contract printers. This process takes an exceptional amount of time and due to its tedious nature, can result in unnecessary staff inefficiencies and data inaccuracy. MeterPoint accurately compiles the email data quickly and removes the need for manual data entry, reducing the reliant upon a large laborious process for most copier customers.


A comprehensive real-time mobile solution that closes the information gap between your office and field service technicians. As part of our 24 Hour office solution, ServicePoint provides real-time updates between the field technician’s smart phone and your ICE (ERP) database.

This keeps your field technician in touch and connected at all times regardless of where they are. This works in conjunction with the ICE Service Call Manager.

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, phone calls, travel time (to and from the office) and communication delays. Service customer’s faster, close calls faster and if it’s a billable call, have the invoice sent out faster and has optional customer satisfaction rating.


Our WebReads product allows for the business operator to initiate an email meter read request to an end user of any piece of equipment that is due for billing. Upon receipt of the email the end user clicks the embedded email link to enter the meter reads as required.

The saved meter reads are then automatically populated into the ICE autobilling centre. This product is idea where either the device does not support electronic transmission of a meter read or the client environment prohibits such communication.


Signatures’ CRM is a cloud based mobile friendly product that allows easy access to customers, contacts, interactions, equipment, quotes, contracts/expiry/finance expiry, volumes directly without the need to return to the office. Allows for opportunities to be managed end to end direct from the salespersons mobility device.

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